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Why Pennrose Uses Dealpath As Its Single Source of Truth

Pennrose is a private full-service real estate development and property management firm founded in 1971. Pennrose has developed over 17,000 rental housing units, representing over $3 billion in total development costs financed by a variety of public and private sources.

Over the past several years, Pennrose has been evaluating exponentially more deals — over 100 at any given time and they close roughly 15 annually. Despite that, they relied on Excel spreadsheets and Word checklists to manage their projects. They turned to Dealpath to keep their projects on track and their team performing in unison.

Pennrose uses Dealpath to:

  • Build a comprehensive deals database
  • Streamline development workflows
  • Institute a data-driven decision-making process
  • Stop wasting time searching for files and chasing down data


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